Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Viewing Instructions and Sharing Policy

Update: All the videos (including lectures 11 and 13) can be accessed by writing to library@iucaa.ernet.in Change in Viddler policies does not allow me to upload new videos.- Abhilash


These are unedited videos of a course on General Relativity and Cosmology given by Prof.T.Padmanabhan (IUCAA, Pune) at IISER, Pune during Jan-April 2009. If you use them or if you have comments, it would be appreciated if you send a mail to paddy@iucaa.ernet.in. Any commercial use of this material is prohibited. Any questions related to format of the videos etc should be sent to abhilashmishra87@gmail.com.

The videos can be viewed directly from this blog or from Viddler (double click on the videos to open the Viddler page). The videos can also be downloaded from Viddler in .mov format (viewable on QuickTime Player). Lectures 11 and 13 are temporarily unavailable and will be uploaded soon.


  1. I listened to the Lecture one fully. It was very good, revised some points, learnt few new. Video-Audio quality is also good.
    Good initiative!
    Just to give a completeness, how about uploading the tutorial questions scanned texts.

    Also, it will be convenient for the viewer if you give a brief title to each lecture, so that one may choose to listen any lecture at first.

  2. Hi Abhay,
    Yes, I'm in the process of compiling a list of topics covered in the lectures which I will post soon. The tutorial questions will be put up at www.iucaa.ernet.in/~paddy soon.

    Thanks for the suggestions!

  3. Any chance of making lecture 11 available? It's still missing from the list...

  4. Please write to library@iucaa.ernet.in to get access to the (password protected) URL of all videos. Unfortunately lecture 11 does not convert to a format acceptable by viddler.